Notable’s Residual Specimens Program is a collaboration with key clinical diagnostic partners who are sampling bone marrow or peripheral blood for diagnostic purposes. The remaining, unused portion of the sample is sent to Notable to evaluate drug sensitivity to further individualized drug development for hematological cancers via our cutting edge predictive technology platform.

Notable’s Residual Specimen program is designed to be compliant, efficient and secure. Using the same draw for clinical diagnostics, the residual specimen is sent to Notable with a deidentified dataset, allowing for zero wasting of the sample.

Due to the data set being deidentified, it is not subject to HIPAA, or regulations concerning ‘human subjects research’.

Residential specimens enable us to evaluate drug sensitivity to fast track the development of predictive precision medicines, unlock potential novel therapeutic opportunities and better understand the biology of hematological cancers.

We are looking to partner with oncology practices, specialty pathology groups, and clinical laboratories who can provide Notable with residual bone marrow or peripheral blood specimens to support our research and development.


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