Notable’s predictive precision medicine platform identifies and selects those patients who will clinically respond to their treatment

Notable’s predictive precision medicine platform Identifies Responders with 92% Accuracy*

Notable’s platform accuracy has been demonstrated across multiple hematological malignancies and is expanding to more indications. The utility of the platform ranges across therapeutic modalities from small molecules, biologics, to cell therapies.

*Blood Advances, Spinner (Stanford University), et al. 2020

Complexity at Scale: Integration of Biology, Engineering & Data

Notable’s platform is driven by automation, software, laboratory science, and data science to capture complexity at scale. With hundreds of dosing schedules, environmental conditions, and endpoints, we capture the intricacies of biology through interdisciplinary engineering and science.

Massive Data Repository in Hematologic Malignancies

The high-throughput automated platform has generated a massive data repository in hematologic and other malignancies. With data across thousands of samples and compounds, this repository powers the identification of successful therapeutic assets and better prediction of response/non-response for a patient.

Identifies Promising Clinical Therapies

Notable’s predictive precision medicine platform informs therapeutic development from drug design to the clinic. Notable’s platform enables the development of promising clinical therapies with known efficacy and demonstrated tolerability. These therapies are then matched via the platform to the appropriate patient population.