Notable Labs’ ex vivo testing services combines machine learning, automation and high-throughput flow cytometry to predict responses to potential approved or investigational therapies, and ultimately determine which drugs or drug combinations will be most effective for specific types of cancers.

Our end to end integrated technology platform spans through preclinical research developing and characterizing new therapies; to drug target identification and validation with efficacy testing and toxicity profiling; to confidently moving through clinical development with biomarker identification and patient stratification. Led by our team of expert engineers and scientists, Notable’s clinical lab services and capabilities are fully customizable, so your specific research needs are met.

At Notable, we leverage our platform to identify the best patient population with the best drug combinations, with the highest of scientific excellence, to facilitate successful clinical development outcomes.

Ex vivo Screening Fresh Primary Patient Samples

  • Patient stratification
  • Efficacy testing
  • Drug combination screening
  • Toxicity profiling
  • Target validation
  • Drug sensitivity correlation with clinical response
  • Biomarker identification