Our Focus

At Notable, we want to change the way clinicians and prescribers select treatments for the millions of individuals suffering from hematological cancers. We recognize the need for more personalized approaches. Notable leverages its steady supply of fresh patient samples, machine learning, automation, and software to optimize drug sensitivity assays across a range of drug treatment classes.

Whether your focus is on chemotherapy, drug target identification , differentiating agents or cancer immunotherapy research, our expert team of scientists and engineers will work to “tune in” each assay for each specific drug class or even for a specific drug. We partner with Biotech and Pharma to help drive their preclinical drug development programs and to confidently transition their program into clinical development with patient stratification and biomarker development.

There is an ever-increasing array of cancer therapies. Together, we can identify the right patients for the right cancer drug.

Treatment Classes

  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted Therapy
  • Immunotherapies
  • Epigenetic Modifiers
  • Differentiating Agents


  • AML
  • MDS
  • Normal bone marrow
  • Normal peripheral blood
  • Normal CD34 enriched bone marrow