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Notable Labs to Present Analysis of Hematologic Oncology Drug Sensitivity Data

Live webinar explores how integrative multi-omic drug sensitivity data can improve drug development

FOSTER CITY, CA – January 26, 2021 – Notable Labs, which is redefining cancer treatment by taking a functional approach to precision oncology in hematological cancers, today announced that it is hosting a live webinar on February 9th to unveil their integrative data platform. The Notable data scientists will share an in-depth discussion on how data generated from the functional and multi-omic drug sensitivity screen for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) can be harnessed for biomarker discovery, improved drug development and complement patient mutational data for more precise treatment strategies.

“This webinar will highlight the integration of three technologies: a flow-cytometry drug sensitivity screen, DNA-Seq, and RNA-Seq,” said CEO Laurie Heilmann. “By augmenting a stand-alone drug sensitivity screen with multi-omic data, Notable Labs is amassing a continually-growing dataset that ultimately will provide utility for drug development and patient care in AML and other Hematologic oncology indications.”

The webinar will cover how this dataset, containing samples with matched drug sensitivity, gene expression, and variant data, enables researchers to look at the relationships between different data types. The data analysis can then be used to discover biomarkers, look at patient population stratification, and gain a deeper understanding of how drug sensitivity is influenced by genetics and gene expression. Advanced registration is required. Please see [link] for complete registration information.


Notable takes a functional approach to precision oncology in hematological cancers. The unique testing platform combines machine learning, automation and high-throughput screening directly on patient samples to predict responses to potential therapies and ultimately determine which therapies will be most effective for specific cancers. Notable’s functional precision medicine platform will advance drug development and enable pharmaceutical companies to get new therapies to patients faster. Learn more at and follow us @notablelabs

Caroline Bone
Notable Labs