Notable Labs Enters Into Partnership With myTomorrows

FOSTER CITY, CA – Sep. 24, 2020Notable, a functional precision medicine company, and myTomorrows, an integrated platform that links patients with an unmet medical need to treatments in development worldwide, are proud to announce their partnership.

“We are thrilled to partner with myTomorrows in support of our shared mission of helping patients,” said Hiroomi Tada, M.D., Ph.D., chief medical officer of Notable. “Our goal is to provide meaningful information and treatment options to myTomorrows to share with patients in their network for whom standard treatments have been exhausted.”

Physicians and clinical researchers collaborating with Notable can be referred to myTomorrows to investigate preapproval treatment options for their patients. Patients may also be directly referred to myTomorrows’ platform to find and seek access to preapproval treatment options. In parallel, myTomorrows will facilitate appropriate physician and patient referrals to Notable to use their testing platform to identify potential clinical studies that are being conducted in collaboration with researchers in Notable’s network. myTomorrows may further support physicians at these partner institutions in finding options for their other patients.

“As an established player in the preapproval access space, we are excited to broaden our reach by partnering with Notable,” said Michel van Harten, chief operating officer of myTomorrows. “We look forward to supporting more patients with critical information on treatment options and providing a pathway to access those treatments.”

About Notable
Notable is redefining cancer treatment with a clinically validated AI platform that rapidly advances cancer drug development at a fraction of traditional costs. Notable’s approach combines AI with an automated lab to determine which drugs or combination of drugs will be most effective for specific types of cancers, enabling drug companies to recruit the right patients into clinical trials. The resulting high response rates in those trials can accelerate the process, eliminating much of the time and cost in later-stage trials, and helping to get drugs to market years faster at a lower cost to patients. Learn more at or follow @notablelabs.

About myTomorrows
myTomorrows operates as an integrated end-to-end platform serving patients, healthcare providers, and drug developers. myTomorrows offers direct support as a single point of contact for patients with a life-threatening disease where there are few or no standard approved therapies. These patients and their physicians are provided a personalized report detailing relevant clinical trials and pre-approval treatment options. myTomorrows also serves as a global partner for companies developing drugs to treat patients with an unmet medical need through program management at all phases.  This includes everything, from patient identification for clinical trials to the distribution of investigational drugs around the world. To learn more, visit or email:

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