Notable Labs Announces Partnership With All4Cure

FOSTER CITY, CA and SEATTLE; Oct. 28, 2020 (Business Wire)Notable, which is redefining cancer treatment by taking a functional approach to precision oncology in hematological cancers, and All4Cure, which has built a real world data powered network of patients, clinicians and researchers to dramatically improve outcomes for millions of patients with cancer, today announced their partnership.

Notable will leverage All4Cure’s network to enhance and expand its functional precision oncology platform. All4Cure partners with consenting patients to capture their entire cancer histories by obtaining their medical records to track their disease in near real time. This real world database enables comparisons of treatment pathways and outcomes, and its network provides suggestions that patients and their doctors may wish to consider. All4Cure’s primary focus is in multiple myeloma, the second most common blood cancer in adults.

“We are proud to work with All4Cure, their platform and powerful learning network that has helped hundreds of patients,” said Laurie Heilmann, Notable CEO. “Notable is also partnering with other groups that have similar goals of keeping the patient first and finding the right treatment at the right time. Our scientific technology platform provides academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies the ability to advance research in multiple myeloma and other hematological cancers.”

“Our partnership with Notable is an important step forward for All4Cure, which is helping to shape the future of cancer research,” said Tony Blau, CEO and founder of All4Cure. “Our patient participants have the potential to benefit from the input of others while contributing their own experiences for the benefit of humanity.”

About Notable
Notable is redefining cancer treatment with a clinically validated AI platform that rapidly advances cancer drug development at a fraction of traditional costs. Notable’s approach combines AI with an automated lab to determine which drugs or combination of drugs will be most effective for specific types of cancers, enabling drug companies to recruit the right patients into clinical trials. The resulting high response rates in those trials can accelerate the process, eliminating much of the time and cost in later-stage trials, and helping to get drugs to market years faster at a lower cost to patients. Learn more at or follow @notablelabs.

About All4Cure
All4Cure is building a groundbreaking network of patients, clinicians and researchers to dramatically improve the outcomes for millions of patients with cancer. In the near term, All4Cure is focused on multiple myeloma, building trusted relationships with thousands of myeloma patients and hundreds of oncologists that will extend to other cancers. Learn more at

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