February 4, 2019| By David Anderson

Notable Founder Pete Quinzio Reflects on his 2018 Man of the Year Experience

Pete Quinzio (Notable Labs) & Catherine Finn (Salesforce) 2018 Bay Area Man and Woman of the Year

At Notable we are immensely proud of Founder, Pete Quinzio who recently raised over $200,000 in 10 weeks for leukemia and lymphoma research. As nominations open for 2019 we sat down with Pete to ask him about his Man of the Year experience.

We heard you participated in San Francisco’s Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) 2018 Man and Woman of the Year (MWOY) Fundraiser, what does that mean?

Every year for the past twenty eight years in cities across the country, LLS hosts their Man & Woman of the Year fundraiser, a philanthropic competition to support blood cancer research. Candidates form teams and compete to see which group can raise the most for the organization. The ten week fundraiser culminates with a grand finale gala, which honors a girl or boy of the year who are themselves blood cancer survivors. This past year I represented Team Notable at the San Francisco fundraiser. Coincidentally, San Francisco was actually the birthplace of the first MWOY fundraiser! Though it’s billed as a competition, each of the candidates and their teams are incredibly supportive of each other because—at the end of the day—we’re all working towards the same goal.

How much money did you raise?

During the ten week campaign, Team Notable was able to raise over two hundred thousand dollars! This was particularly exciting because for every fifty thousands dollars that we raised, we were able to designate specifically which LLS research initiatives we wanted to fund. Notable decided to allocate our funding toward the following LLS research programs: Pediatric & Young Adult Blood Cancers; Acute Myeloid Leukemia / Myelodysplastic Syndromes; and Myeloma and Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia, as these are programs that Notable is jointly supporting within our own research and development. We were also invited to a research gathering in Philadelphia hosted by LLS, that brought together a select group of scientists funded by LLS grants. The research gathering, hosted by LLS’ Chief Scientific Officer, gave LLS funded researchers the opportunity to share discoveries and treatment progress for blood cancer patients.

Tell us about the grand finale gala

The grand finale gala was a really special event. The event was hosted at the Fairmont, the iconic hotel at the top of Nob Hill. It began with a silent auction of donated items like winery and spa packages, and other unique gifts. The crowd then made its way into the one of the beautifully decorated ballrooms for dinner and the main event. Nearly half of the roughly three hundred fifty people were connected with Team Notable, with our friends, colleagues and partners occupying some fifteen tables with ten guests each. The main event featured a live auction for some of most exciting experiences and items, for example, a seven day trip for seven guests to a resort in Mexico. At the end of the event, the total amount fundraised was announced, which exceeded four hundred thousand dollars! After the event guests made their way to the infamous Tonga Room for a late night of dancing and celebration.

From the photos it looks like you went home with the most coveted auction item

Yes! I bid on and won the auction for a beautiful painting that girl of the year, Ariana, had painted. Ariana is an eight year old San Francisco Bay Area native, and a B-ALL survivor with dreams of becoming a dolphin trainer. Her painting was a white, red and gold painting of San Francisco’s skyline, the colors representing the various attendees of the event, white for survivors, red for supporters, and gold for those attending in memory of a loved one they lost.

In your speech that evening you credited the supportive team helping you achieve your goal

It truly was a team effort. We had over sixty individuals and organizations that donated to our campaign, many of whom are Notable’s partners. The night of the grand finale gala, roughly one hundred and fifty collaborators, colleagues and friends came out to support us in person at the Fairmont. We were especially thrilled to be joined by several of our physician researcher partners at Stanford and UCSF. Thanks to Carl Krawitt and his son Rhett Krawitt, a ten year old survivor of leukemia, David Lee, a lymphoma survivor and investor at Refactor Capital, and Dr. Mignon Loh of UCSF, our Venture Capital Master Auction Series brought together over forty prominent venture capitalists to donate a lunch or dinner meeting to support LLS. We had two wonderful articles written about the campaign, one in CNBC and the other in TechCrunch, both of which highlighted the fundraiser and Team Notable’s amazing efforts.

What was it like to see your photo on the side of a MUNI bus?

It was really cool to see that! As part of MWOY fundraiser, the winners have their photo and team name plastered over San Francisco MUNI buses throughout the fall months. I received text messages and emails from friends with photos of the buses across the city pretty much every other day while the buses were running. It was a great way for LLS to honor all of Team Notable and those that supported us, and it gave me a forum to tell my friends about the experience.

This sounds like an incredible experience, how can others get involved?

It was a fantastic experience. If anyone is interested in participating nominations are currently open for 2019 MWOY candidates.

Any final remarks?

I’d like to thank all of the people and organizations that generously donated and gave their time to support this amazing effort!

Venture Capital Masters Auction Series:

8VC— Alex Kolicich
11.2 Capital— Shelley Zhuang and Yizhen Dong
500 Startups— Christine Tsai
Andreessen Horowitz— Alex Rampell 
Builders VC— Jim Kim 
DCVC— James Hardiman
DFJ— Emily Melton
Eclipse VenturesJustin Butler
First Round Capital— Bill Trenchard
Founders Fund— Scott Nolan 
Fuel Capital— Chris Howard and Leah Busque
GV— Blake Byers, Jessica Verrilli, Laura Melahn, and Michael Margolis
Homebrew— Hunter Walk and Satya Patel 
Initialized Capital— Alda Dennis  and Kim-Mai Cutler
Lerer Hippeau— Eric Hippeau and Graham Brown
NEA— Hilarie Koplow-McAdams, Ben Narasin, and Rick Yang
Nextview Ventures— Rob GoObvious Ventures— Vishal Vasishth
Pioneer Fund— Jared Heyman
Red Swan Ventures— David Eisenberg 
Refactor Capital— David Lee and Zal Bilimoria
Sequoia Capital— Jess Lee
Susa Ventures— Leo Polovets
SV Angel— Robert Pollak, Topher Conway, Kevin Carter, Brian Pokorny, and Abram Dawson
Trinity Ventures— Schwark Satyavolu and Cameron Sepah
Upfront Ventures— Mark Suster and Kara Nortman
Y Combinator— Paul Buchheit

Notable’s Partners:

Am-tranTed Heller
AtriumJustin Kan
Becton DickinsonBryan Bullock
Binc SearchJames Hunt
BioNex SolutionsJames Forrest
BioquestKaren Bertrand
BioseroTom Gilman
Comprehensive Blood and Cancer CentersNeeraj Rama
Digital Creative Associates SFTyler Kay
First Republic BankChris Croswell
HappilabsTom Ruginis
HC&M Commercial PropertiesAndrew Ballart and Remington Heatley
IntellicytAndrew Rael and Helen Ho
LabcyteMark Fischer-Colbrie
OktaLen Fischer
Rady Children’s Hospital San DiegoDr. Deborah Schiff
Precise AutomationMike Ouren
Stanford and Lucile Packard Hospitals—Dr. Alex Aleshin and Dr. Kara Davis
TetrascienceAlok Tayi
UCSF Hospital—Dr. Mignon Loh and Dr. Elliot Stieglitz
Upside VCKent Goldman

All others who supported Team Notable:

Aaron Jacobson
Adam Green
Adriano Castro
Alice Zhang
Allison Bhusri
Alyson DeNardo
Andrew Chan
Andrew Overton
Ari and Anne Levy
Annie-Laurie Auden
Ari Kahan
Art and Louisa Henry
Arthur Nelson
Ben Dwyer
Ben Kamens
Ben Rahnema
Benjamin Miles
Bethany Allen
Bill McGrath
Brad Milne
Brian No
Bryan Bullock
Carl Krawitt
Caroline Burnett
Carolyn Pastel
Cecilia Romero
Chris Kanand
Chris Szewczyk
Christie White
Christina Bognet
Christine Iazzetti
Claire McConnell
Connie Loizos
Connie Quinzio
Cortney Fuerch
Craig Brott
Danielle Dwyer
Del-Camp Investments
Deva Santiago
Diane Heiser
Drew Stanfill
Eleazar Vega Gonzalez
Eric Feuerstein
Eric Schafer
Frank Tinney
Gabi Bressack
Google, Inc.
Hotel VIA
Ian Thomson
Isaac Choi
Isabelle McTwigan
Jai Sajnani
Jake Cochrane
Jax Vineyards
Jayni Shah
Jennifer Pattee
Jennifer Pratt Mead
Jessica Cole
Joe Magdovitz
Jon Arnstein
Joseph Soriano
Josh McFarland
Judy Abad
Julie Szewczyk
Kasey Johnson
Kathryn Smith
Kim Longree
Kristy Richards
Laura Kreitler
Lesley Hamilton
Lindsay Millar
Lisa Han
Louisa Henry
Luke Ingham and SF Ballet
Margarita Krivitski
Marsha Griffin
Mary Crofton
Mattie Magdovitz
Meaghan Lynch
Megan Teixeira
Mia Swenson
Mike Rea
Molly Bierman
Monica Varman
Nancy Yu
Natalie Kay
Negien Mirzai
Neil Littman
Nicolle Austin
P.G. Sittenfeld
Pablo Abad
Philip and Becky Tinkler
Professors Den
R.E.M Real Estate Management
Rangoli Bhattacharjee
Rare Barrel
Robyn Exton
Russ Emerson
Ryan Conner
Ryan Pawell
Ryan Wilber
Sam Gaynor
Sam Irwin
Sam Sperling
Samantha Irwin
San Francisco Giants
Sandy Gibson
Sarah Nelson
Sarah Schmidt
Sasha Seletsky
Sephora USA
Seth Takata
Shane Manciagli
Shannon Ma
Stephanie Ma
Stephanie Mata
Stephanie Tsai
Stuart Corless
Susan Nicosia
Talia Frankel
Tammy Han
Tashfeen Suleman
Tesla Motors
Tim Coleman
Tobias Kraus
Tom Parise
Tony Lima
Tyler Kay
Usman Khan
Whitney Matteson
Will Griggs
Wyatt Millar
Wyatt Rockefeller
Wyatt Tole
Yena Kim
Yizhen Dong
Yoga Tree
Zach McKinney
Zoe Xu