A Feasibility Study of Biologically Focused Therapy for Myelodysplastic Syndrome Patients Refractory to Hypomethylating Agents

We performed a prospective feasibility study in 21 patients with HMA-refractory MDS enrolled at Stanford University from April 2018 through March 2019. All patients had a baseline bone marrow (BM) biopsy with BM aspirate and peripheral blood (PB) samples sent for mutation testing (596-gene panel, Tempus, Chicago, IL) and ex vivo DSS (Notable Labs, Foster City, CA).

Comprehensive Transcriptome Profiling of Cryptic CBFA2T3-GLIS2 Fusion-Positive AML Defines Novel Therapeutic Options – a COG and Target Pediatric AML Study

A cryptic inv(16)(p13.3q24.3) encoding the CBFA2T3-GLIS2 fusion is associated with poor outcome in infants with acute megakaryocytic leukemia. We aimed to broaden our understanding of the pathogenesis of this fusion through transcriptome profiling. Experimental Design: Available RNA from children and young adults with de novo AML (N=1,049) underwent transcriptome sequencing (mRNA and miRNA).