Why We Exist

Matt’s father, Marc, was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer in 2013. Even with the best of modern medicine and expert advice, he was given 3-6 months to live. Frustrated by his father’s grim prognosis and the ineffective standard treatments available, Matt realized he needed to take control of the situation and come up with an out of the box solution.

Connecting with other patients, caregivers, and the scientific and medical communities, Matt stumbled upon an immense amount of research on non-brain cancer drugs being studied as potential treatments for his father’s disease. The inherent problem: how would Matt know whether or not these drugs would work for Marc?

It was apparent that this circumstance wasn’t unique to Marc, so Matt immediately set out to solve that problem by starting Notable.

Marc passed away in February of 2015 before Notable could help identify treatment options for him. Everyday we work in honor of, and inspired by, Marc and all those who are affected by cancer.