Facilitating Better Outcomes Through Predictive Research

For many hematological cancer patients and their physicians, the search for effective treatment options can be a long, frustrating process. Hematological cancer patients deserve more than the current one-size-fits-all approach to the standard of care. Notable Labs is redefining treatment by taking a functional approach to precision oncology in blood cancers.

Our precision medicine platform predicts responses to potential therapies, ultimately determining which drugs or drug combinations could be most successful. Notable’s end-to-end integrated technology optimizes functional drug sensitivity assays on primary patient samples to determine potential efficacy while enhancing patient selection for potential clinical trials.

Notable Combines

  • Cutting-Edge Science

  • Advanced Oncology Expertise

  • State-of-the-Art Technology

By comparing experimental therapies to the current standard of care, we provide valuable insights that guide
future patient selection strategies and clinical trial designs, enabling pharmaceutical companies to get new therapies to patients, faster.

Clinical Trial Partners

Notable enhances clinical trials with its proprietary predictive power.

When you need to facilitate better outcomes through predictive research, It’s Notable.

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