Stanford study finds that Notable’s drug sensitivity screening platform can identify potentially useful drugs for MDS patients refractory to standard therapies

FOSTER CITY, CA – June 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Notable, which is redefining cancer treatment by taking a functional approach to precision oncology in hematological cancers, announced today that the results of a Stanford study using its drug sensitivity screening platform have been published in Blood Advances (June 23, 2020; Volume 4, Issue 12).

Notable’s The ANSWer Study

Notable’s The ANSWer Study: An Observational Clinical Trial for Patients with Blood Cancer by Susanna Wen MsM (Master of Medicine), Ph.D Notable’s first self-sponsored clinical trial to validate cancer patient matching on its automated high-throughput scientific technology platform At Notable, we are aiming to redefine cancer treatment with the development of a functional precision medicine […]